Saturday, January 27, 2007

Ever been stuck with no ideas for a layout.. Hmmm i know i have..Well i have stumbled across this wonderful invention..
Its from Creating Keepsakes..
Go check it out..Its fun to have a go at..

Chooks scraps survivor is about to start up again. We have a few chooks vying to join once again chook island and the original survivors.Last week for those chooks to get their layouts into the gallery.. Voting starts Friday. So pop over and have a look.

What Ive been up too, (in the scrapbooking world)
My week three cards for the Emily Falconbridge challenge.
The challenge

I have also joined the challenge over at Scrapapple. An eight week challenge to complete a layout a week.The first weeks challenge was a double, on something about your life.

Mine was on my fav scrapbooking colour.(I must admit i got my ideas from a number of layouts i have seen around. So i just want to give credit to those i have used ideas from, but i cant remember whom those layouts they are. So if you happent to read my blog let me know so i can give you credit)

Also i have movee through to the next round of Chalet survivor.
This weeks challenge is to complete an altered item.Hmmmmm, well im not an alterer, and have struggled with this weeks challenge, But!!!! There is hope, There is an immunity challenge this week. To scraplift from the gallery..Already there are a few in the immunity gallery so a few ladies must feel like i is my altered box
I decided to alter my new phones cardboard box.. Its all i

My Ramblings: :(or what ive been up to in the my real, partner, housewife, teacher, mum and taxi driver world)

Australia day 26th January: two reasons to celebrate

Firstly a holiday to celebrate the founding of Australia:

Australian all let us rejoice for we are young and free,

You`ll come a Waltzing Matilda with me...

Secondly: Craigs birthday.

and so here are some pics to share.

Quote of the day:

Scrapbooking isn't about scraps of paper and photos. Scrapbooking is about scraps of life - yours and those special to you. ~Rebecca Sower

Cheers to all!!!!!

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Trying to find new and exciting ways to add more journalling to your layouts? I know i am always wanting to put in more journalling but i want it to look intersting. And i think ive found it!!! Check these out!!!
A new take on an old favourite.

Have you been over to the nest yet, there is soooo much happening!!
Check out the new competition, collect some clues and see what its all about....Voting for the weekends cyber crop is now taking place, wow so many gorgeous layouts!!!!......Sign ups for a new cj are on.....and Januarys newsletter is out, packed with inspiring layouts and great information. So go on..go check it out. Oh i forgot to add i received the most gorgeous DT box. Full of beautiful papers. I couldnt wait to start on them. I soooo want to show you, but i cant, so ill just give you a little preview of what ive done, its all in the shop. I want more!!!!

WHAT IVE BEEN UP TO! (in the scrapping world)
Well i have managed to finish emilys second challenge. A word that is powerful to you. For me the word is love. A powerful word when spoken, a powerful emotion when felt.

Oh and im into week two of Scrapbook Chalets survivor comp. This week was to do a layout about your town.What a great way to learn more about the contestants in the competition, and i love seeing where everyone is from. I of course chose Brisbane, and decided to focus on our heritage buildings. The challenge was, "3 photos, 2 metals and 2 pp". I really like what ive done so we will have to wait and see how i go...

MY RAMBLINGS:(or what ive been up to in the my real, partner, housewife, teacher, mum and taxi driver world).
Well not a lot happening, oh only that Stephanie got the permanent job at Dreamworld. She is sooo excited. She has been working there over the holidays as a casual, with many other young kids and they were only going to hire a few for the rest of the year as a permanent, and she was one of them.So great for her confidence, and her bank account. So that is exciting.
Craigs birthday this Friday, Australia day. Got him a siver bracelet and ring to match. Not a surprise as he had to try them on, so im off to find a surprise present for him.. Not sure what to get him jusdt yet. Guess ill just have to shop around..

No scrap of paper bigger than my smallest punch shall be thrown away. ~Author Unknown, "The Scrappers Creed"

Ok thats all for today, have a good one and dont forget to scrap!!!

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Ive been vivsiting Ali Edwards blog for a while now and have finally decided to start on her
AEzine Challenge: one little word.
My word is SEEK.
'SEEK and you shall find'.
I hope to use this word in my everyday life. To seek out the real me. To seek my true calling in life. To seek my faith. To seek the path to the rest of my life. And perhaps to seek out the odd sock basket and find the missing

Have you been and checked out the nest over at chookscraps lately? There is a fab new competition starting there soon. So check out the forum and gather up some hints..
This weekend saw the first cyber crop for the year.
here is my take on the sketch:

Also i was able to incorporate a double page layout for my preganancy journal with challenge number one, using: a wave or curve, a monogram and beads. Im very happy with this layout...

WHAT IVE BEEN UP TOO...I also managed a few other layouts this weekend:

This first one was from a sketch and to incorporate paisley..

This second one was a christmas theme, ribbon, journalling and flourishes.
My Ramblings: :(or what ive been up to in the my real, partner, housewife, teacher, mum and taxi driver world).
Well to begin with my boys came back from a week at their dads. He was nice enough to buy their school clothes as Alex starts high school and Nik is year 11, so new uniforms needed for both.
I am dying to go and see night at the museum and guess what, the boys went without me to see it!!!!! Whaaaaaaa now i guess ill have to go by myself or wait till it comes out on DVD, and i can go and see something else with them.. Perhaps a horror..yeh!!!
So with one more week of holidays left...hurrah!!!, i have a few books to get, and some pens and pencils and school stuff is all finished...

Blessed are the children of scrapbookers, for they shall inherit the scrapbooks. ~Author Unknown

Cheers everyone and thankyou to all those people who leave comments, i love knowing who has been and where you are from..

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Check out this blog site.
Ive been checking it out for a while now and she has some amazing stuff on her blog..And to start off the new year she is having a free class. So go on over and see what she has planned..+

The newsletter is out: full of inspiring layouts and information.
Dont forget that this weekend is the cyber crop, so pop on over and check out the hints and join in the forum....HERE

What Ive been up too!!!
Ive been checking out Emily`s blog and she is having a weekly challange, an art journal. You buy a deck of playing cards, and every week Emily gives you a topic to decorate your card. So the first week was "Somthing you are proud of."

What a fantastic idea . So small so easy todo, quick and inspiring.. Go check out her blog and give it a go...

I also won a prize at last weekends cyber crop over at The Little Scrpbook Shoppe for my xmas layout below....wooohooo more shopping....

My Ramblings: :(or what ive been up to in the my real, partner, housewife, teacher, mum and taxi driver world)
Well my son went out and brought his first new car... So now he really has his freedom, and i have.....well i have more grey hairs...another step towards adult hood .. But whoa!!! doesnt car insurance for an under 25 driver cost a fortune...about 1500 dollars for full comprehensive...thats going to be the killer..

Quote of the day:
Scrapbooking fills my days - not to mention my living room, bedroom and closets! ~Author Unknown

cheers and till next time.....

Monday, January 15, 2007

Have you checked out the awesome ribbons at Queen and Co? Its due out at CHA Winter, but they are having a giveaway. Go to their website and check it out. Its GORGEOUS!!!!

Many exciting things happening over at the chooks nest. So stop in and say hi! Januarys Chook Scraps pack is out and filled with the gorgeous Fancy pants mulberry papers. Check it out here....CHOOK SCRAPS PACK, and dont forget to enter into the chook scraps pack comeptition.

Over at the Scrapbooking Chalet ive entered into their Chalet Survivor Competition. And the standards of layouts produced already is very high, so im not holding my breath on getting to far. But i love a good challenge and this is turning out to be just that.

Here is my first layout based on a sketch.

If you want to check out the other great layouts take this LINK
MY RAMBLINGS:(or what ive been up to in the my real, partner, housewife, teacher, mum and taxi driver world)
So how do you like my new look blog???
Hmmm there are a few things i wouldnt mind changing but im having fun playing at the moment and when ive learnt some more of this HTML, and blogger issues stuff ill fix up some things.
I must also thank Sara over at Scrapapple for her banner help!!! Thank you!!!!


Scrapping only comes after housework in the dictionary....

and with that ill say


Sunday, January 14, 2007

Hi all, well ive been looking at my blog and thinking it was looking a bit sad...nothing exciting, so ive got big plans for trying to get a new banner up but having problems getting into the HTML code. Any one know how to do it id greatly appreciated any help.
Also i thought i might make a section so that everytime i log on i have some exciting news pertaining to the scrapbooking world..
Hmmm sounds good in theory
Also i have started My Picture of the week on my side bar..
Gee am i getting bored or what??
Time perhaps to get back to
As for the weekends happenings I visited a couple of sites for their cyber crops.
Crafting In Style:
I only managed one layout here...The weekend just seemed to fly by..

The Little Scrapbook Shop:
I managed one here as well, hmm didnt really do many challenges did

I am still sticking to my resolution of using up all last years photos before i start on this years..Going good but its so hard not to start on my new


Ok so i didnt manage a lot of layouts, but i also did some for my EDM album

and my pregnancy journal, so i did ok..

Well cheers for now.

Saturday, January 13, 2007

Well thought i had better catch up this week so have a few layouts to share and a question to ask..

So ill ask the question first..

Have you heard of a crop-a-dile?

It is a silent eyelet setter, it sets and punches silently..

I sooo need one..sick of hammering and waking the

So, if any one knows where i can buy one in Brisbane, im on the southside.

Or direct me to an online store that sells them i would be very grateful..

Now on to a few layouts:

Here are a few more pages for my pregnancy journal..
Having so much fun with them..

Monday, January 08, 2007

Some exciting news..for me any

My 19 year old son went for a driving lesson and came home with his Ps...yay!!!!

I was sooo excited i nearly dive tackled him in my excitement.

Now you may ask, why so excited mum?

when so many teenagers are killed on the roads,

and its so very dangerous driving..


It means that i do not have to get up early to drive him to work..

I dont have to wait for a phone call at 11pm to pick him up from work.

I dont have to drop him off and pick him up from parties anymore,

or his friends..

I dont have to get up to drive him to the train station to go to university..

He is so excited he wants to drive everyone everywhere..yay,

he takes his brothers to the shop, he drives himself to work , to the beach to his friends.

He has independence now.

He is a very good kid.

He is sensible and i know he wont be a stupid driver or take risks.

Children grow up and this is just one more step in his life.

One that i cant be with him but one that im excited he has conquered..

now on a lighter note...


Ok a few more preganncy album layouts to share:

Sunday, January 07, 2007

Well so glad i got back some scrappin mojo....


Its been a while since ive actually done more than one or two layouts in a weekend.

But this weekend saw a couple of layouts 12x12

and some more of my pregnancy journal.

Because this is only 8x8 its easy to

do and feels great to complete the pages..


This weekend was a CC over at Embellished.

I had every good intention of doing all the layouts

but lost motivation somewhere on the weekend and only completed two.

Great challenges to BTW.

Here they are:

The first challenge i did was to incorporate a summer feel into the layout.

So with my determination of using up all of 2006 photos

i finshed with our coffs harbour beach shots..

Thank goodness ive finished with

My second layout challenge was in the colours of blue, white and green,

which are my fav scrapping colours.

So once again using last years photos i completed this layout

I also completed a couple more pages for my pregnancy album

which I will pop in there, check out the side bar at the top to go have a look.


I also checked out the TOP 50 CC.

I only completed one challenge there

A christmas challenge.

Well thats all for now.

Some very cool competitions coming up on various boards and forums,

so will be chaecking them out and letting you know where..

Till then


Friday, January 05, 2007

Well its been a long time comming i know.....

My Pregnancy Journal

Many months in the

So for those of you who have asked how im doing with it,

and have I finished ??


I havnt finished but i do have pages to share.

Id also like to say to all those lovely ladies out there who are pregnant,

or hoping to become pregnant very soon.

Start your journal as soon as you can!

As things do get forgotten, and

I took photos and when i remembered i wrote little notes on

things and kept them in a safe folder .

But i have realised its better to do as you go so its all fresh in your mind.

So here it is girls, well a couple of pages so far..

I hope it gives inspiration to those who are thinking of doing

a journal of this great wonderous experience

The journay of life...

Cheers and thanx for looking,

I will put the layouts in an album in my side bar for future

Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy New year everyone..

wow 2007..

time sure does fly.
On a sadder note my dearest dad died January 1st 2004.

I miss you dad

I did this layout a while ago of my dad,

and this is how i like to remeber him.

He loved christmas, he was the biggest kid,

and he made all my years of growing up and christmas soooo much fun..

I was a lucky person to have such a wonderful dad in my life.


dad and


enjoying life on the ocean as you always did.

Sailing from port to port with all your old navy mates..


Well im off to a good start this year.

Ive decided that i need to get through and scrap all the photos from last year before i get any for this year developed.

Hmmm i have about 15 packets to get through,,Can i do it??

Ill try!!

So this weekend i joined a cyber crop over at EMM.

And used up some of last years photos.

So no new photos for a while till i get the old ones done..

This first layout was for a challenge

that asked us to look at a photo of a fruit bowl

and take inspiration fromthat. I used the colours from it.

NIce and simple. But i like the colour blocking effect.

This next layout was to use the colour blue

as a dominenant colour, that was easy.

To use journalling, and flowers.

This last layout needed a photo and chipboard.

Im so not a pink girly scrapper and it takes me

forever to get one

Hope that everyone made some

new years resolutions that they can stick

I didnt as i never seem to stick to

I guess my major aim

in my personnal life this year is to loose

all the weight i gained with being pregnant with Jack.

In the world of scrapbooking, i want to go on a retreat,

i want to journal more on my layouts and

just extend myself more woth my scrapping style..

So cheers everyone, and thanx for stopping by..