Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Gee the weeks are flying past soo fast:, it seems like we are racing towards christmas, till the end of the year, to another birthday, to another year older..too fast I say, too fast!
So another layou share before i get much older...lol
I had entered a DT comp over at scrap n crazy, i got down to the final three, but alas didnt get the job, which is fine by me as i was up against what i would say, amazing talent: but now i can show you some of my work that i did over the weeks.

After another weekend of cyber cropping i have these to show..

Well thats it for today..

I forgot to pick my son up from school, so hes not talking to me so i need to go and do some serious grovelling...And i know your probably thinking, how did she forget to pick up her son??...lol..trust me i have a serious bad case of short term memory loss and unless i write things down i do tend to forget,,my boys usually catch the bus home but today i told Alex id pick him up...lol..oh well i did. but only after he rang me..in the old days i would have been walking home.no mobil phones back then to ring up and check..lol..
ok off to make up..lol

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Ok as i promised a layout share but boy oh boy have i got heaps, but before i go any further i always like to give you a new place to visit for inspiration and this posts inspiration is..
Its a fantastic place to get ideas for layout design,,,so go on have a look, you may be surprised at how easy they can be to turn into a sketch..

Now large layout share ahead...
Now the first two are from the Chookscraps July challenge pack!!! Lorraine has outdone herself with this pack as there is just sooo much in it..Gorfeous Basic Grey....Ive done two layouts and still have enough for at least another two...So head on over to chooks scraps pick up a pack and try your luck at the challenge...

These next layouts are for the EMM emmies awards..

The monthly pack
progressive challenge
guest designer challenge

Have been trying my hand at the 6x12 size and am loving it...

ok blogger wont let me upload any more so this is it for today...cheers

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Stuck for an idea for a title?..check out this link....
Ok i know i have been a slack blogger but ive been so busy....doing......stuff...you know....hmmmm ...ok....nothing really....lol....
Oh yeh we headed into the EKKA, on Friday. For those of you not in the know, the EKKA is Brisbanes show day.
Well because of the horrible flu thats been devastating Brisbane this winter the show did not really go off with a bang. But it was great to walk around with no crowds, no lining up for anything, no pushing or shoving, just like going for a Sunday stoll. It was perfect.. Now Craig really didnt want to go to the EKKA. The thought of traipsing round crowds with five kids, all that money wasted, was not his idea of fun. But by the end of the day it was he who had to be dragged from side show alley, saying, just let me have one more turn, im just going to try and win another toy.
So for his 100.00 spent on side show alley he brought home a gorgeous 50cm dragon, worth ..oh id say...10.to 15 dollars in a cheap shop...lol...
yes and all those show bags, not even filled to the brim. He staggered out with about 15 showbags at a cost of 180.00,,,a bargain he told me, till he got home and weeded out the paper and rubbish...lol...
Oh well its all the fun of the rides isnt it..well not for Jack who screamed on the only ride we put him on,,the merry go round..
Well he doesnt have his mothers love of the wild rides. So on i went with Stephanie, and now i have put my back out, i am too old for fast and wild rides..gonna leave it to the young ones in future,.
lol and me being the scrapper i am took many photos, so at the end of the day, we have no money, five over tired, sugar hyped up kids, and sore feet..lol..but we all went to bed with a smile on our faces and a big green dragon to share our bed...

But i have done some scrapping and have purchased some lovely new BG so all is good in the scrapping world...
So next post will have a big share

Monday, August 06, 2007

Oh its been such a long time. We have all been so sick here. The darn flu bug going round Brisbane.
I was so set on working and now this set back..oh well you would think i could scrap. But i didnt as i didnt have the energy to do anything. But someone had to look after Jack as all the others in the house were dying you know...lol..Hmmm..i was sick too but no time to actually be a sick patient..But we are all on the mend. even though its hanging for dear life this flu bug that has grown part of our family and really doesnt want to leave..grrrrrr
Now i have a few layouts to share, not much but here goes...

Ok thats all for now..cheers everyone