Monday, July 16, 2007

Exciting, Excitng, Exciting!!!
Firstly:Yesterday i received my official acceptance into uni as post graduate in a special needs education course.Full time, so im back studying, which i love. Oh and of course ive had three job offers for contracts this week as work last semester and three contract offers in a couple of days.. Which i had to say no to as i really want to go back to uni. And with Jack still little its the best oppurtunity.
Secondly: You know the other week when my son broke his foot and i was late for an appointment? Well...I was so surprised to find out id been asked to join a design team at "The scrapbook princess". That was the interveiw i was late Really didnt think i had a chance after my late appearance but....I was asked to join....Its one of my local scrapbook shops. So that will be fun..We have a meet and greet this weekend, so looking forward to meeting the other ladies on the team. They dont have a web site up and running as of yet but its on the books and when it does ill put up a link..
Thirdly:I taught my first online class last Friday at Chooks Scraps, and it was sooo much fun..And im happy to say quite a few joined in and even some new chooks in the hen house joined us..So i cant wait to do another class. Love teaching, wasnt as scary as i thought...
Here is the completed white space layout and a link to the gallery so you can see everyones layouts from the class..
Here is the link to the gallery:.......Chookscraps online class July..
Now i havnt really scrapped a lot as i thought id have a go at the for keeps Awards for excellence.Well thats thrown a spanner in my works.Ive found a few photos i love.. But thats it, im stuck for inspiration. I dont know what they look for?..And ive attempted a few, but then think, Is it good enough?..So ive sat and looked at photos, paper and mags, for a week now and cant seem to get anything done. Even so much so that i havnt really scrapped much at any ccs this week..
So here are the layouts i have completed

The photos i used in these two layout were old photos of Jack that i decided i just had to use For another album, his beach album..

So thats mynews and show and Hope you all have a fabbo week and ill catch up later..

cheers Fran

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Have some exciting news,

Im hosting an online class at CHOOKSCRAPS on friday 13th July..

Its on white space. Now i know im one of those people that have to clutter up my page and never know when to

But i do love the simplicity of white space layouts, the elegant lines and the design of white space layouts. So if you arnt busy, and would like to step out of your comfort zone. Join me and the chooks over at chookscraps for a free, use your stash online class.

Here is a preveiw of what we will be creating

And here is the link to find out more.....ONLINE CLASS:


Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Its always the way isnt it...a quite few days, rest and meeting to attend in the week have to be there at 10.30
Good time, enough to get up have coffee,shower: relax leave with time to spare..Easy..
OH NO!!!!
I am awaken at 8am by my 14 year old son, "mum there is no bus money are you driving us?" yeh hang on..
Just about to get out of bed, 20 year old son speaks up "Mum i need to go to the doctors"
Why? i ask..." I think ive broken my foot". How? "Last night at bowling, kicked a bowling ball.".
Oh great. pile kids in car, drop off at school get to running late, and its already busy..wait...wait.. see doctor, need xrays..
great havnt put petrol in car and havnt got key card to get any..
panic about running out of fuel. get to xray, not even enough room to sit..
Get xray back, pile 20 year old son in car with crutches, tell him to make another appointment to see doctors this afternoon..
"but mum!"
I dont care, self inflicted silliness, had been drinking as well.
Bowling alleys and alcohol dont sound safe to me on a good day...
Im late!!!!! which i was by 30 minutes..
no coffee, no time to shower, no food, throw on clothes, grab portfolio...
panicking, grab fuel, speed, get there in a huff.... and they were so nice about it..
grrrrrrrrr, isnt it always the way...._________________

Any hooooo, i have some Chookscraps DT work to share
First off my finished layout from the pack i showed last month:
So much in the pack, enough to do a double with leftovers...
This was an urban lily not a pink person but loved the outcome..

The rest are just layouts from the week to share...

So thats all from me for now..
But before i go just wanted to send my well wishes and love to Anthea, on her babys upcoming birth.....
cheers all..