Monday, March 26, 2007

Oh ive been such a slack blogger and thanx to Marie from EMM, Im here to fix that..
So where do i start. I went on my first retreat, with the girls from EMM, to Lake Ainsworth, NSW. Wow, i had such a great time, completed quite a few layouts, had very little sleep, met so many lovely ladies, ate so much, laughed lots and came home very happy and ready for the next one!!!!!
I was so nervous as i didnt really know any one exceot for online chatting and meeting one or two at night crops. But by the end of the three days i felt like i had known these girls longer, and I say that in a good way.
Well i completed nearly all my pregnancy journal. One page left to go. So here are a few pages.To see all the pages go and check out my pregnancy journal, over on the side bar.....

And a few other layouts for various challenges..

Before i go ill leave you with some gorgeous photos from Lake Ainsworth.I took most of these but the gorgeous sunrise was from Sara, at EMM. tHANX Sara.

Chow for now!!!!

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

OMG blogger has just been the biggest pain. I had no buttons in my edit section in which to annoying, its been days since they have gone..I thought it was my putter as the help section said to update my explorer..Hmmmm so i did and lost heaps of stuff, cause i cleaned out the whole computer..and then still couldnt get in to blog!!!!!!. So craig brought me a laptop just so i could and as an early birthday desperate was i...lmao...but when it wouldnt come up on that i knew it wasnt was BLOGGER!!!!!.
Oh and some exciting news..Im going on my first scrapbooking retreat this weekend...woohooooo.In 20 years i have not been away from my children. Not once have i not had a child with me... Oh my my time without kids.....Actually my first holiday since i fell pregnant with Michael and he is 20 this year...So i hope they all cope without me, but i will be too busy scrapping and having girl fun too ill ring maybe once..If they dont ring me
But im back and really do not have a lot to share for all the time i couldnt get
So i will leave you with some layouts to share from CCs..Cheers