Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Well ive decided to give the kraft it up blog challenge a go..
This month your challenge is to scrap a CHRISTMAS PHOTO using NON TRADITIONAL COLOURS and you also need to incorporate KNOTS on your layout, whether it is with ribbon, fabric, twine, lace etc...

So i went with browns and greens..

Jackson in his santa hat...

Ive put a link up to the site over there------------------------->

Ive not been there before but im really starting to enjoy using the kraft paper, its a nice texture and its a great blog to check out to see what everyone is creating with Kraft...
So now im looking for other challenges to inspire me these holidays....


Well another christmas done and dusted...Its always so hectic, with shopping for presents, trying to find the right gift for evryone, the MIL who has everything, the right size undies for your growing children, the right gift for the teenage sons, cause undies are a no no..or so i thought until last christmas..

Last christmas i decided not to buy my eldest son Michael (who had moved out of home) undies, as i thought it was pretty lame and was always met with the same response, " Just what i needed thanx mum"...well i thought i wont buy any undies this year, ill get something different, so at least they will be surprised. Well i was surprised! i watched in anticipation for mike to open the present that took weeks searching for, his response was not what i expected..
"Thanx for the great present but.....wheres my undies???"
What the? He then proceeded to tell me that christmas was the only time he got underwear, saved him from buying them and he looked forward to his new stash every year, like some unheard of personal tradition...
Well so be it, it was back to undies and so the tradition lives on....
Here is a xmas layout i just finished for chokkscraps monthly sketch...

Ill be back later.....

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Yes im back..again, loving school holidays and the oppurtunity to catch up on blogging and blog hop around some awesome sites....
Well ive re aquainted myself with Ally Edwards blog......
She is awesome, and her december daily journal is fab, im thinking maybe i ciyld do a similair thing, as i have a few spare weeks check it out !! So much to read and look at!!
MY RAMBLINGS:(or what ive been up to in the my real, partner, housewife, teacher, world).
Babies, of the fluffy kitten variety..Born two nights ago..
I think i should have been a midwife..We put her out as usual for the night, her name being Bunny, easter egg bunny is her official name as she was given to jack last easter..any ways, i was scrapbooking and heard her crying, so let her in for some milk, when i noticed she was walking funny.Yes she was in labour. So i set up a spot under my scrapping table where she proceeded to give birth. With me on the sidelines encouraging her to breathe, relax, rubbing her belly and generally just being her support person. Brad came down stairs to see what i was up too, he thought that i had let the cat in??? who me??, i gave in and told him i had and that she was in labour, he laughed at my antics and hung around to watch her give birth to the first one,,,four later and i went to bed..Feeling very happy...So now we have five little bundles of joy!!! Any one want one??

WHAT IVE BEEN UP TO! (in the scrapping world).Ive been scrapping up a storm....This first one was for chookscraps CC on the weekend.Ising black white grey and another colour..

This was for a sketch challenge over at Scraplounge..

And this was for the xmas challenge over at Scraplounge, using scalloped edge and a cluster embellishment..

Thats it for today im off to blog hop and leave some l;ove, maybe i will pop into your blog,,But before i go another little pearl of wisdom..
"" Not every page has to be a masterpiece.""
Author: The Master

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Yeh back again!!!!
Found this great blog, which most people know but really have enjoyed the step by step yags he has it!! Well worth a look if you have never been there....
MY RAMBLINGS:(or what ive been up to in the my real, partner, housewife, teacher, world).
Well the christmas party at our house was amazing..Our first official engagement as a couple ...Both our friends mixed so well. We sang well into the night, drank heaps, the food was great, and my gorgeous daughter even dropped in to join in. Now that in itself is amazing as at 22 she thinks my friends are soo old..But she was quite the personality and made me very proud.
Oh and to have a day without drama would be asking to much. Just as we were setting up for the party, cooking madly and trying to set up the tent in a thunderstorm, my 19 year old son comes out with blood pouring down his leg. What the !!!!.. Great so now we need a trip to the hospital, but ive got thirty guests comming in an hour, and sooo much to do..So i help wrap his leg, put ice on it, sit him on the lounge and tell him to wait. Meanwhile you would think that a shark took off his leg, but ive got other things on my mind, he can sit and ponder on how silly he was, he tripped up the tiled stairs whilst using his phone to text..
"See i told you texting was dangerous!"
Well Brad kindly offered to drop hi off at the emergency department, whilst on his way for some ice and drinks..does that make me a bad mum? well no time to ponder that one, guests are a comming....
So with a kiss on his cheek, a new wrap on his leg, and a helping hand out the door, i wave time to get dressed.
Well they stitched his leg, i picked him up and he sat quietly for the rest of the night watching movies in his room, no way he is joining in with old
WHAT IVE BEEN UP TO! (in the scrapping world).
Well still catching up withlayouts so here are a few more..cheers..

And time to leave you with a pearl of wisdom.....
""Scrapbooking is cheaper than a therapist.""
Author: UnKnown

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

I stumbled upon this great blog...
Some great kits and some lovely layouts, well worth a visit...

MY RAMBLINGS:(or what ive been up to in the my real, partner, housewife, teacher, world).

Yes christmas is comming and quickly,and ive got a party to organise by tommorrow night..Oh why do i get myself into these things..Seemed like a great idea a few weeks ago, but now the day is nearly here starting to panic. Have invited work friends, girlfriends, old mates and my new partners friends and relatives and am hoping that they all get on together...
So im not the best cook, in fact i suck at cooking, just ask my kids!!! and i have to cook , or at least look like i can, so bbq chickens from the chicken shop, salads from the deli, my son is cooking the desserts, alcohol all round and more, brad is doing the bbq, and entrees from woolworths. So i really dont have cook i?....ok feel better now..Just hope thay all get along!!!!

WHAT IVE BEEN UP TO! (in the scrapping world).
Well im on holidays and i have my mojo back...yeeehaaa, and ive completed a couple but im still wading through some old ones, so here are a few i did in the last few months...

""life is like a scrapbook, creative and unique.""
Author: scrapbookinllama

Monday, December 13, 2010

Is it just me or do other people suffer the likes of a mother who frequently airs her opinions, wether we like them or not?
Dont get me wrong i really love my mother soooo very much but.....
My mother is 87 and lately im scared to bring her home to visit.
I knew it was going to be a bad visit when she started complaining the doctors, who of course know nothing, and are to young, and at her age she is not going into hospital, as she might not come out..point taken..
At home the teenagers, cant do anything right this weekend, better they stay out of sight, my gorgeous step daughter is in the firing line. Poor girl, here is an introduction to the granny from hell, best you stay away this weekend too..
Well my handsome , do everything for any one man, also caught mums tongue. I thought he looked very handsome for his daughters formal, but mum couldnt help herself and shot him down in flames with a remark about his shoes...
Well i quickly ushered him out the door..
The only person not to cop her darkened demenour this weekend was Jack.
Yes the child from hell..
He swears, he spits, he chucks tantys a mile long, he always gets his own way..and yet my mother adores him..
Now if i had spoken a word that sounded like a curse id have been flogged on the spot, if i thrown a tatrum i would have felt the swiftness of my mothers hand across my legs, and probably left to rot in the shopping center.
But not Jack, for some strange reason, Jack brightens her life, makes her laugh and keeps her from getting on my back.
Thankgod for little boys!!!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Decorating the house for xmas!!!! love xmas so much..Last year was such a disaster.. I didnt realise how bad until i was looking for jacks xmas photos for last year and realised i had none!!! nothing to show!!! i didnt do anything ,,no photos nuttin, only the tree was up..but this year its back to business..
So some photos to share....

christmas cheers!!!!

Friday, December 03, 2010

Wow its been a long time between posts, but its nearly the school holidays so i can get back to scrappin and
I did get a bit creative back in September, went to stick and giggle retreat at good to do nothin but scrap and chat...
Got some great pages done which i will share...
Nothing much happening here just work, and more work..but its nearly over for the year!!!
Bring on christmas!!!

Love this last one, the colours are so subtle..
Any way promise to update soon..and get all christmassy!!!

Sunday, August 08, 2010

Oh ive been that ive found my mojo after all this time!!!
So here they are..
And some old ones i love and not sure if ive shared!!!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Well im back and need to just let people know that my last few posts are a reflection on my horrible year, 2009, not this year..hope that cleared that up..

Ok so following on with what happened last year, after the car accident, i finally got a new car and then the worse phone call a parent could receive, your child was in an accident and is in hospital, the burns unit in a critical condition.

My world once again spun out of control. I recall the first moment i saw my son, wrapped up not recognisable, burnt all over, and the smell...we wont go there...lots of drugs later he was moved to anothe room, he was in soo much pain, but he was going to be in so much more before his stay in hospital was over..

First up debriding, where they scrub the burns to take off the dead much pain...but he was recognisable, his skin red raw. his face and neck was ok only flash burns, thank god for small miracles, his right arm his chest were severly burnt and his legs were burnt so severly, they hoped they could save them.

First day of skin grafts, he went in and came out, again so much pain. They took the grafts from his back for his chest and legs, but ran out of skin. He was to go back in and have the skin from his buttocks and groin removed for more grafting of his arms.
More operations more pain.
My life was a blur, hospitals, home, work, hospital, weekends spent in the hospital tending to his needs. My home life struggled without me, i neglected Jack i didnt cook, i didnt clean, i didnt sleep, i didnt eat. One night i was comming home from hospital and nearly crashed the car, that was a wake up call. I worked out a plan with his father, i would do weekedays he would do weekends..

A small miracle though had occured in my home without me hardly recognising it. One day after comming home at midnight, i walked into a clean house with a freezer full of meals cooked and reaqdy to go...
The most amazing people who i worked with had come and cleaned and cooked for me and my family..I cried for the first time, really cried. The support for me and my family made me stronger.

Michael physically improved and his spirits also..
Body suits were made to order, bandages came off, months later he was ready to go home, but once again i was unprepared for the out comes....
More on that later..
Here are some photos of my brave son...
Quite a few hours after settling into a room, day one...

after debridement... day three

I have done some scrapping..will share later...