Saturday, July 18, 2009

Gee doesnt time fly!!!!
im back at work, another term, one week down nine to go..hey but whose counting right?

Well i havnt scrapped much so ill just throw up some ones i did a while back but havnt shown...this is just a quickie post as im now addicted to FACE BOOK!!!!! New i shouldnt have joined

ok so just a quick share...

So ill pop back in tommorrow and have a little more time...

Friday, July 03, 2009

Well i know its been quite some time, and i didnt die or fall off the earth, but i have had a lot of changes in my life...

But apart from the many changes ive scrapped a wee bit...not much but i thought id start with a share and ill tell my story later.....

Well thats all for now, till i get back in the swing of things...cheers scrapcat!!!

Saturday, February 28, 2009

Wow here we are the end of the month already!!!
Well ive had a couple of hectic days...
its taken me a day to get Yester day jack had two appointments at the mater childrens hospital, one for hearing and one for speech. Last week we had our first speech appoinment after a year of waiting and me telling everyone he had a problem and everyone saying, no he doesnt.. but guess what..he does have a problem quite a big one or two... so before they could do a formal speech assessment he needed his hearing checked as Alex had grommets at his age and his speech could be related to hearing loss. So i left at 8am just me and jack (as craig started new job yesterday.)left early so could get carpark, food for jack and find exactly where to go with time to spare..or so i thought.....what should have been a 40 minute drive turned into two hours due to a break down on the M1 in peak hour....grrrr, i get to the hospital 10 minutes late by now to find the car parks fulll...what the !!!!! had yto park at the mater private parking..just got in before they closed that...turned up late, hot and sweaty for running around looking and jack starving.... go in for check look in ears, only to hear the doctor say..he has something wedged in his ear, blocking it.... great..just great i murmer. after two other doctors look at it they inform me its not wax but a foreign body.(yes there was probably an opening for a joke there but i wasnt in the mood, still angry over the car parks full, how you supposed to get to appoinments....) any how i digress,,,the doctor informs me....needs to be removed...but we will givve him the hearing test and see what happens..well left ear is pefect right ear, where foreign body is holidaying we cant give a positive reading as he isnt responding to testing in this ear which could be because of the blockage pr perhaps somthing they ring ENT could they look at we need a refferal from a GP..what!!!! im at the hospital surely they can reffer me?..oh no..i can go to emergency and wait to get looked at but they seem to think its going to need surgical removal due to where it is and jacks age (not good for keeping still) ok so then we go off to our speech appoinmetn only to be told we cant do formal assessment until hearing test is done... what the!!!!! yes by this time its 1pm and i am going home..what a waste... but on the other hand i went to day care and got jack in today he had his first day at day care and he loved it...yay!!!!!! couple of photos to share...

Now here is a link to a blog that has some interesting stuff on it!!!

Now for an end of month share...

And here is an advertisement for our Cyber crop over at scrapping4less: ill be hosting it next month (March)hope you can pop by...

Well thats all for now..cheers Fran

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Hi all...
Gee the weeks are flying..3 weeks of school already over...The kids have settled in to thier new home wonderfully and we are looking at moving next month...

Over at Scrapbooking for less ill be hosting The March CC so i hope you will join us, there is a link on the side bar and ill put more information closer to the day..

At Scraplounge they have put up the new blog, great reading go take a looksie..

Also our CC is on this weekend of 20th, 21st and 22nd so come and join us for some scrapping time...will have some hints soon..

Well this time around id like you to take a look at this blog....S4L`s pink with 1
Its a challenge blog for scrapbooking 4 less, a girly one but all the gilrs can do this one..

Now for some shares
Over at scraplounge i whipped up this sketch for this month..
Why dont you whip up a layout and enter it into the monthly sketch comp..
And this is my take on the sketch using Jacks world papers from "3 angels scrapping."..who are this months sponsors at scraplounge...

And from our sponsors more gorgeous papers and a couple of layouts...

And from over at Scrapbooking for less this month DT pack. They have a competition for monthly packs so go and grab one and join the fun!
And some just for fun......

Well hope you had a wonderful valentines day...catch you later on...

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Happy Australia day aussies!!!!!

And happy birthday to my man..he is the big 40 today...wooohoo baby!!!

Well ive been back to work and this week the kids are back to school, so no more holidays for ten weeks. So perhaps not as much scrapping getting done..
But i have done my DT work and done some competition scrapping as well.

But before i have a share of what ive been scrapping here is a site to go and check out.. Its a paper peircing site that has lots of cute stuff for cards and layouts..go check it out.

Now a few layouts to share.....

This was for white with one:

This was for the sketch challenge at scrap n art.

And this was for sketch challenge at Mystical.
Cheers and have a great day..and if the weather is better than ours an aussie BBQ!!!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Just a short note to show you my prize from winning Jingle all the way over at

Gorgeous isnt it..lots to scrap with!!!! Thankyou Donna!!!

Also as promised everytime i make an entry i put in an inspiring blog or the like...try this one:

A new sketch blog..........A PAGE FROM MY SKETCH BOOK!

nOW......Some layouts to share..

Thats all for now..cheers Fran

Thursday, January 08, 2009

Hi all its Friday here, not long till school goes back now!!!

Well as its Friday SCRAPBOOKING 4 LESS is having thier cyber crop tonight..So why not pop on over and check out the is a link....CYBERCROP!!!!

If your looking for a good blog to check out try this one....HELLO MY NAME IS HEATHER..
Its a very pretty blog and quite inspiring..
And a layout share...

Cheers and have a great weekend!!!

Monday, January 05, 2009

Well its finally happened, my eldest kids have moved outta home!!!!!!
Now i know ive been waiting for this day with anticipation,,,,two spare rooms, means a scrap room, smaller food bills, no worrying about them being out late, no arguements and no more sibling rivalry...
im feeling very lonely and ...hmmmm, childless.

Yes i know i have two others at home, still when i think of my, out in the big world, i feel a page of my lfe has turned, a chapter closed....
and when i told craig just how i felt, with my little chickens flying the coup...

his reply was

......lets feather the nest with more chicks!
Now i do hope he means the feathered variety, or perhaps a puppy or kitten....

But i really cant complain cause they have been home every day since they moved out on

Phone rings..."mum how do we put on the electricity?..."..

Phone rings... "mum could you come over and bring my clothes out of the washing machine...?"

Phone rings....."mum how does the washing machine work?"

Phone rings....."ummmmmm do we have gas or electricity????"

car pulls in drive way, all the kids pile out...'mum can you make us a list of all the things we will need in the kitchen....
"mum do we need a shopping list?
what do we put on the shopping list?
how much will it cost?
how do we pay bills?
can you come shopping?

yes this was day one and the others have been pretty much the same...

and this is monday and still two kids are here, getting dinner, cause they havnt planned out who will be cooking what days... using the dryer, the computer, asking for some money...

Hmmm so much for moving
so i really shouldnt complain!!!!

now i have some layouts to share...

The layout above was from a sketch over at scrapn art>>>>>>over in my side bar..check it out

And a blog that ive come across that you may be interested in.....

she has a great range of OTP that looks devine and is very inspiring..go check it out!!!

thats all for now..cheers and catch you all later!!!