Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Well im back and need to just let people know that my last few posts are a reflection on my horrible year, 2009, not this year..hope that cleared that up..

Ok so following on with what happened last year, after the car accident, i finally got a new car and then the worse phone call a parent could receive, your child was in an accident and is in hospital, the burns unit in a critical condition.

My world once again spun out of control. I recall the first moment i saw my son, wrapped up not recognisable, burnt all over, and the smell...we wont go there...lots of drugs later he was moved to anothe room, he was in soo much pain, but he was going to be in so much more before his stay in hospital was over..

First up debriding, where they scrub the burns to take off the dead much pain...but he was recognisable, his skin red raw. his face and neck was ok only flash burns, thank god for small miracles, his right arm his chest were severly burnt and his legs were burnt so severly, they hoped they could save them.

First day of skin grafts, he went in and came out, again so much pain. They took the grafts from his back for his chest and legs, but ran out of skin. He was to go back in and have the skin from his buttocks and groin removed for more grafting of his arms.
More operations more pain.
My life was a blur, hospitals, home, work, hospital, weekends spent in the hospital tending to his needs. My home life struggled without me, i neglected Jack i didnt cook, i didnt clean, i didnt sleep, i didnt eat. One night i was comming home from hospital and nearly crashed the car, that was a wake up call. I worked out a plan with his father, i would do weekedays he would do weekends..

A small miracle though had occured in my home without me hardly recognising it. One day after comming home at midnight, i walked into a clean house with a freezer full of meals cooked and reaqdy to go...
The most amazing people who i worked with had come and cleaned and cooked for me and my family..I cried for the first time, really cried. The support for me and my family made me stronger.

Michael physically improved and his spirits also..
Body suits were made to order, bandages came off, months later he was ready to go home, but once again i was unprepared for the out comes....
More on that later..
Here are some photos of my brave son...
Quite a few hours after settling into a room, day one...

after debridement... day three

I have done some scrapping..will share later...

Monday, July 05, 2010

Well another month..time is flying..So to continue on with my journey from my last blog, August came..I went to visit my in laws in coffs harbour. With Jack and Alex in tow....Always lovely down there, and decided to return to Brisbane Sunday night. The drive home, five hours was great until.....I was on the Canungra road, it was black, people kept leaving on their high beams and this was annotying me . The road is windy and hilly with no lights. I came around a corner doing 80 when someone flashed their highbeams, my only thought was what the !!!! then a it felt like we hit a wall, then nothing..i blacked out for a minute or two. When i realised what was happening the car was full of what i thought was smoke...I couldnt see any thing or breathe, i could hear jack crying and Alex yelling. The car had stopped running..I yelled at Alex to get jack out the car, i couldnt get my belt undone and couldnt see why...I thought the car was on fire..I saw lights of a semi coming over the hill and prayed i was on the right side of the road. The semi stopped. Alex got jack out the car..i was trapped. Someone finally got the door open and my seat belt off. I still was having trouble breathing from the smoke and the pain in my chest, and back, which i later realised was friom the sudden stop and the seat belt. I got out the car and round the back to where jack and alwx were. I saw someone running up the hill to me, and heard a woman screaming... i was coughing and still couldnt breath.i then saw flashing lights and sirens, police and firemen and ambulance on the scene. What had happened? When i turned around a saw a person bending over a large shape on the road. My god i thought ive killed someone!!!! i was yelling, but wasnt sure what i was yelling. A woman grabbed me and told me it was a cow, we were lucky to be alive!! I stepped back and turned to look at my ford sedan which now resembled a honda civic, crushed and dented and smashed..

I was taken to the ambulance with the boys and found i was having an asthma attack due to the fine mist that had come from the air bags in the car which had gone off on impact... and due to the sealt belt crushing my ribs.. we were taken to hospital..we all walked away from the accident, which according to the firemen and police we were so very lucky. A rather large cow had been standing in the centre of my lane just around the corner, someone had flashed to let me know, only i didnt realise what they were on about, and didnt see the black cow on the road,he was put down at the scene, poor thing. Well needless to say my car was a rifght off, the insurance guy was impressed that i was walikng, when i saw my car i cried, The cow had hit the front, onto the bonnet pushing that up into the car and up the windsecreen, which didnt break, he rooled over the top and down the back and off the rear. scratching or denting most panels and causing the car to be severly out of alignment, the motor had been pushed into the car and that whay my door wouldnt open. We had someone watching over us that night...

I thought how lucky i was, my friends helped me out with transport, and for a while things were running smoothly..But once again things change in the blink of an eye and by october our lives took another beating.....

More of that later..we just got back from the snow....sooo cold in NSW at the moment...but we had a are some photos of our trip...
Mount Selwyn



Harbour Bridge

Big Guitar Tamworth.

Stanthorpe, first stop.

Well thats all for heaps of photos to edit..
And lots to scrap!