Sunday, September 07, 2008

My entry into the scraptacular competition, "so you think you can scrap?"
The requirements were listed as:
- Hand cutting of PP designs
- Edge Distressing
- Layering
- Use of 'white/negative' space
- Texture
- Non Standard size photos (eg not 4x6 or 5x7 or 6x8)
- Clustering

Just follow the blinkie over on the side bar to find out more and see all the great layouts in the gallery...!
Thats all to share today!

Saturday, September 06, 2008

Hmmm well never a dull moment in my house is there...
Craigs new job means he leaves home at every night and ive been staying up to make sure he leaves on time as he sleeps through the afternoon and evening. So im usually crawling into bed about midnight, most nights lately...
Now Craig has been driving my car as he realised his is out of you forget something like that i dont know, so over the weekend he took mine to work as i didnt need it...
Well Sunday night i get a phone call at just after midnight from an unknown number...Just dozing off, cant really read the number, deciding if i should answer..well its late and that usually means an emergency..
Craigs ex wife is on the other end telling me that Craigs wallet, keys and phone have been stolen at work...only number he recalled, can i bring spare car keys.. yeh see you ..hang up..
bum poo crap..what the....... i dont have spares for my car.....arghhhhhhhhhhhh
whack on slippers, pull on trackie dacks...oh what a look, no bra..who cares...hope cops dont pull me over..cause i have to drive craigs car to his work...just fabulous!!!!!!!!!!
oh by the way where does he work....???..well i have really no idea..i know he works at a large shopping complex, but ive never been there..well 40 minutes later it looms before me...but where is he?...five story carpark, where the hell could he be? drive around for 20 minutes, up down, dead ends, pitch black car parks, finally i spy a police station, park car run across road..oh yeh did i mention my great look, well the look on the police faces was to remind me of how i must look, forgot to brush hair as well..and was busting to use the toilet...after a quick show and tell used their toilet and let them know how dirty it was and needed once again in to car, look around, still no idea..crying..cursing...praying..petrol dwindling, speech becoming incoherent, babbling , cursing..i spy an icecream milk truck..parking..yay..but by the time i get there..he is gone..will wait..then i see security guard, screech car to stop, jump out, running, screaming, dont go, he looks at me and for one moment visions of horror movies run through my mind, yoiu know the kind where the girl is being chased by a psycho and finally sees help only to have the security guard chopped in half or stabbed to death right before her eyes,,well that was my vision, but i made it to him, he took me to craig, and $200.00 later new keys and on way home..4am get in bed..and 6am alarm goes off to go to work...yay!!
oh and the best thing was, no one had stolen his keys and wallet and phone, another worker who was leaving, saw them and locked them in the utilities room, for safe keeping...oh yeh!
never a dull moment!!!!!!!!
on the scrapping front!
Well some scrapping happening, as SO YOU THINK YOU CAN SCRAP ,,,has started and also Battle of the scrappers at 3 angels scrapping......Im very excited to say that i won the first round of battle of the scrappers!!! Woohooo and a lovely prize pack of their design team kit..very excited..But i cant show my layout here so here is the link...3 angels scrapping
And here are some layouts i have completed...

Well till next time