Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Well i admit it, being a mum again at 42 is hard..Well yes i did have Jack three years ago when i was 39, but i was still considered old and now, well i think im ready for the nursing my other children were disciplined severly for wrong doings, and they have turned out incredibly respectful of older memebers of the public, respectful of police and teachers and those in authority. They know right from wrong and have not gotten any police criminal or juvenile of im very proud of them..BUT..jack is a different kettle of fish..where once i did not permit the kids to eat in my lounge room..jack does it frequently, bottles and dummies were abandonerd at 18 months, Jack still has a night bottle, toilet training started at 18 months and was completed by 2 years, dry nights by three years..jack has yet to even see a potty. I would run and chase my kids for being naughty with a swift whack on the nappy and a good talking im lucky to have gotten out of my seat and the wrongdoing is forgotten, i cant run as fast as him, he is cheeky no end, and most misdameanors go unpunished. Those that he is punished for, become a game and are repeated constantly, which just wears me down..So is this because im older, and less able to run as fast, is it beacuse i perhaps am a little more forgiving of the little things or is it beacause ive seen so many kids go wrong, have wondered about the law and its allowance of child punishment versus abuse.. where using a brand or product or practise was accepted now its frowned upon ie putting honey on dummies, or glyserine on them, not allowed now....Where once i would smack my kids and feel i had done the right thing now i just feel guilty..hmmm parenting sure has changed, or is it just me?
Ok enough of the philosophy of parenting on to some sharing...
This layout is for the embellished sketch..

This is for the colour challenge over at mystical scrapbooks
These couple were for the first cc over at the new scraplounge..

These are from the chook scraps site the first one is from the CC, the second is from survivor.

Th last two were from challenges at mystical.

well thats all for now have a great weekend!!!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

oooohhh its been so long..
Naughty blogger..
So busy with work and loving it..
Im a real teacher now..or so ive been
I finally got my first teachers badge from a school..You know it has your name and the school emblem and the school name and at the bottom it says teacher..
Yeh well im really proud to wear it and soo excited.. But alas my son got his year 12 badge on the same of course he thinks its better than mine..But mines bigger i say..mines gold he says..well i get paid to wear mine..well he says i didnt have to pay to wear you win i sigh..he then pipes up and this means your a real teacher now?..Well ive been working there since last year,,i hope i am a real teacher now....hmmmm a small child also said that to me in the playground today..Oh miss she says in the cutest have a badge now does that make you a real teacher now? out of the mouths of babes..

And so far behind in my sharing..

so here we go with a few layouts ive managed to completye in between being a real teacher ,, a real mum,,even though i dont have a badge to prove it i wear my stretch marks like a also being the cook and the cleaner..again no badges for those jobs...

Firstky some DT work for chookscraps using the gorgeous monthly pack for February.

Stephanie and her boyfriend sharing a girly moment..too sweet..

A couple of 6x12 layouts which i enjoy doing..

These are for fun layouts and some comps as well.

Ok off to do some teacher work..seeing as im a real teacher