Monday, June 21, 2010

Well here i am back before the end of the month, im doing well!!
Now as I wrote in my last blog... May came and brought with it a new horror.

I had always had psoriasis, but only in small doses, small scaly spots here and there, treatable with lotions. Usually during a stressful time they would appear in greater numbers but nothing too bad i couldnt deal with.. But in May my whole body broke out in a classic psoriasis condition. My legs, my back, and my arms were covered in what could be called chicken pox looking blisters, that turned scaly and hung around, becoming itchy and red.. I would look in the mirror and cry, as nothing seemed to get rid of them and the more i read about it the more depressed i became. I didnt go out , lucky it was winter as i could cover myself, and no one knew how debilitationg it was. I dreaded summer, and thought i would never meet any one who wouldnt be revolted by my body...Also no more tattooos as i wouldnt be able to have them done, or show them as i didnt want anyone to see these horrible sores that covered my body.. I remember laughing when my doctor asked if id had a lot of stress not one to cry, or scream or lash out , i take everything in my stride and move on, but my body rebels and when the stress got way to much my psoriasis got way out of hand.

So May turned into June, into July, August then bang!!!!!!! Another road block and i was still dealing with other issues, my life wasnt looking so great.
More on the next major blow next time...

But on a lighter note, i found this fabulous web site...The colour room..its fantastic for a challenge...take a look...
And some more scrapping ive been up too...Some are oldies and some new for some latest comps...

Ok so im to check out some blogs..catch you all later!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Well i thought perhaps it was about time i talked about my disasterous year that was 2009.. Many people have asked what happened, why havnt i scrapped, where have i been...soooo.lets start at the begining shall we..

The year started out fine, January rolled into February and everything seemed great. I had been given the chance to work permanently in the country and we were looking at moving house. Jack was seeing a speech therapist and was due to go on for more surgery, but everything else seemed ok to me..

Funny how what you think is happening in your life and the reality dont always have the same path..

March came and at the end went, but not first without taking a large part of my life and my security. Seems the man i thought was going to be there for life had stolen more than just money and goods from myself, his son and extended family he also stole my belief in men, and people in general. He left me with an eviction notice hanging over my head, no money in any accounts, debt on my credit card, and my sons life in tatters. He was a gambler and i didnt realise how big till he lost everything we had then walked out on us...i felt used..and abused, and that i couldnt trust anyone..

But i under estimated the fantastic community which i was about to move into .I turned my back on this man who said he loved me, but showed me nothing but pain.....and struck on my own with my two younger sons in tow...the older ones also left home to start their own lives closer to the city...

..A small town has soo much to offer, the people are real, their friendships true and their generosity amazing...My family and new collegues helped me through dark times and into what i thought was a brighter year..

Ooops like i said, funny how life does not always give you what you ask for or what you even think you have ..i thought that May and june would see me getting out of this rut and getting my life back on course but i was wrong....May brought with it a new problem to complicate my already complicated start to the year.....

Well thats enough for one night....

Now for something more pleasant some layouts ive been doing....

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Wow its been so long, i must be the worse blogger in cyber land..
But my life has been so hectic, but now is starting to settle back down, just in time for xmas!!!
Well its hectic beause my kids all left home late last year, was only Jack and myself. Then at christmas nik came home, only for xmas he says...and he is still here 7 months later. Mike comes home for new yaers with his girlfriend and asks if he can stay, i say sure, he says forever? i say.....what else can i say? So with three teenagers back in the house, its just not big enough!!!!!
So my scrapping room was delegated to the garage, hot in summer and freezing right now, so im typing fast!!!!
Ive begun to do a little more scrapping, perhaps its the cold, scrapping fast keeps me warm!!
So ill share some recent layouts...

Ok promising to be a better blogger!!!!