Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Well not long now till CHOOKSCRAPS survivor starts...
the sign up list is long but there are still spots left for those who wish to join us on our tropical paridise..Bikinis optional, but you will need some scrap supplies to get you through thre rounds.
The first challenge goes up on Monday watch out!!
Well have finally got DP to concede so that Jack may visit his nanny on his daddys side.. DP doesnt get on with his mum, but i feel that shouldnt stop Jack getting to know his nanny and making up his own mind.. So we are off this weekend to Coffs Harbour,, A beautiful place on this earth. And i cant wait as i get to go to all my fav hippy spots and shop..Loke Nimbin, Byron Bay and Mullimbimby..wooohooooo.cant wait!! Its the hippy in me that gets me so excited , honestly thinking of retiring down there..Sit back with my little acreage, chickens, cats and dogs and of course, DP if he wants to come.. Growing my own vegies and waiting for the grandkids to visit..not caring what i wear or what im looking like, no shoes, aghhhhhhh thats the
Ok now back to reality the here and now..Have scrapped some layouts that i can share.
First one is for a challenge over at EMM. Using their monthly pack, which this month is chatterbox papers.. Love them!

This second layout is from a competition that "THE CRAFT ATTIC" is running. It was voted best last week , so im chuffed at that..

Well that all for now.. I need to finsh my DT work, and get a sample up for the chookscraps survivor, before we go tommorrow.

Hence ill be taking many photos to scrap..Cant wait!!!

Cheers everyone and thanx for all the great comments..

Even if your just popping in, say hi , then i can blog hop and check out some more blogs!!

cheers Fran

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Well hasnt the chookscraps SURVIVOR taken off.. So many sign ups already and still another week before we start,, Sooooooooo, if you havn t done so already, go over and check out the site(link on side bar) and join up...Great challenges and prizes to be had.
Oh and i got the most exciting news this morning...i won the sketch challenge over at embellished.. Now i have been so engrossed over their Idol that i hadnt even checked their boards for any other news.. Thanx embellished!!!

Nowi have done a layout for the Embellished Idol.. The first challenge was vintage. Now im not a vintage person, i may be old but that is another story. Vintage im not! And it took me days to get this one down on paper. So here is crossing my fingers and hoping its vintage enough to get me through the round.

Well another weekend of scrapping and i aslo went to EMM s crop on Saturday night.. I enjoy these nights out .. Just for me to scrap and chat to other people whose interests are their scrapping..It was fantastic as always Thanx Rondell.


Well i did manage a couple of layouts this weekend, i was very slack i must say .

This first layout was a challenge at zig zag .

This second layout was a challenge over at scrap book city using scraps..

Well thats all for now...will blog some more later in the week!!
cheers Fran

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Wow! wow!wow!
Chookscraps has just started up a new competition.
are taking sign ups now so pop on over and have a look..
Great prizes to be won and lots of fun..
So what you waiting for...get on over there!!!
So on to what ive been up too...Heaps done on the weekend..

Not only did i get two chookscraps challenges finished, i also completed the three challenges from over at the SCRAPPILE cc... First challenge was to scrap a male with journalling and facts..

The second was to fit as much as possible onto the page and still have a page that was eyecatching..You were awarded points for everything used..And i must say i really am pleased by this one.. But i am known to throw a lot on my pages any

Well thats all for now... Dont forget to pop over to chookscraps and have a look at the new competition..till next time..


Friday, September 15, 2006

Had a great time at the CHOOKSCRAPS CC last night, even managed to do two layouts so far!!!

This first layout was a challenge to create a layout with the word sport in it, some cardstock and arrows.

This second challenge was all about yellow, flowers and stamping. Well yellow not a fav colour, and stamping...arghhhhhh. But here it is and i kindas like it!

Now today im off over to srap pile to try some of their challenges. I participated last night in their close yet so luck with the challenges i

Oh and whilst i was out and about i came across this web site.."QUIZOPOLIS"
Now i laughed heaps at all the silly things on it...But Craig didnt find it funny at all?...oh well no accounting for some peoples taste is

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Well something very exciting is about to be happening over at CHOOKSCRAPS!!! (see link also on side bar)Not only do they have their CC this weekend, starting tonight, YAY!!!! but there is going to be a fab new comp starting soon...Shhhh thats all i can say at the moment..Keep an eye out at the sight and the CC this weekend for more information..
So i thought id share some of my DT work from the site..

Well im not a girly type of person and pink has never been a favoutire of mine so these papers from SEI were a challenge, but my daughter loves pink so wee were both happy with these..

Lorraine, over at CHOOKSCRAPS, stocks a great range of SEI and got some especially for the EDM comp. I got the most gorgeous boy range from her...soooo yummy!!!! Will definately be using tha for my comp pages!!!

This was made from leftover paper from my DT pack. Also using the SEI iron on alphas.

Well thats all for now..


Dont forget to join us over at the CHOOKSCRAPS CC tonight and this weekend.. Hints are already up on the site.

Monday, September 11, 2006

Woohooo so excited.. I won a pack from Scrapapple this weekend in their weekend workout!!!You had to create a layout using only five seperate things..So of course ive been scrapping my beach pics...and i love em!!!
Thought i would also just pop up some scrapping i did this weekend..Was very happy to be scrapping...

Well thats all for now..thanx for the lovely comments and im off to look at some blogs..


Sunday, September 10, 2006

Wow i had such a busy weekend scrapping!! And i accomlished so much that im actually quite proud of myself..Ill start with a layout i did for Scrap is their sketch..I decided that i just had to start scrapping the beach pics, even though i have plenty of photos in line before
I love the colours in this one..
Now as Brisbanites would know it rained on the weekend. And of all the weekends we have had: my sons army cadet unit went camping..Well i wouldnt have mind so much its just that it was out on dirt mushy roads. In my clean car!!!! So thankful i didnt get bogged.. And of course he enjoyed every moment of the wet weekend.. Like i have said before..Boys are strange creatures..camping in the cold, wet, finding their own food, windy, patrols and no sleep..oh and i forgot to take a picture..what was i thinking!!!!!!
Yes boys we have to love em even if we dont understand
Now i also made it to the CC at embellished this weekend and managed all three challenges.

This first challenge involved white cardstock and flowers and spring. Didnt mind being a bit artistic with this one...Only thing is I think i got carried well....There was a sketch and a canvas will upload them later..


Thursday, September 07, 2006

Oh looks like ive been tagged...thankyou Jolene:
1. Which famous person would you most like to learn that you are descended from?
Would love to know that im ascended from an Egytian Pharoah, or perhaps Queen Cleopatra.

2. Which famous person would you hate to learn that you are descended from?
Charles Manson

3. If you could be ancestor to any living famous person, who would it be and why?
I would love to be related to Nicole Kidman, think she is gorgeous and she is an aussie actress!

4. If you could go back in time and meet any known ancestor(s) of yours, who would it be?
My mother came from an upper class english family. So i would say my great great grandmother on my mums side.. But my mums grandfather came from mining stock in england so would love to see how they lived in the 1800s being very poor.

5. Tag five others Jasmine: Julie:, Mel: Jill: and Anthea.

cheers girls....

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Wooohoooo!!! I had a win at the SCRAPPERS STASH CC, from some weeks ago with my sketch layout SEEK..
I get to shop...thats always a good thing!
The two layouts above were from last weekend.
The top one was for the CC at MEMORIES AND MORE:
The second one is for a sketch challenge at EVERY MOMENT MATTERS.
Well guess what!!! My kids didnt evade the horrible bug that is going around.
15 years old son has been sick for two days now, so lets hope its just him.
Though step daughters are also sick in bed this week with it after visiting last weekend.
Also Alex reminds me last night that he has an army cadet camp this weekend that i have to pay for.. NO!!!!!!
Thinking its like school camps, 60.00, perhaps 80.00 dollars. I reread the note, only 15.00.
now thats what i call a good price for a kids weekend activity.
And he also loves cadets..
Not like im sending him off to be tortured, in the rain, or getting heat stroke in summer, peeling potatoes, digging holes for the toilets and spending ice cold nights on patrol at all hours.
he loves it..
I sometimes wonder where boys get the ideas that that kinda thing is fun?
Oh but ask him to feed the cat or wash the dishes and its like i have asked for him to cut off his leg???
Who knows.
Boys they are funny little things: that grow into big annoying
Oh and BTW....EMBELLISHED have their CC on this weekend too and ive heard that AED have theirs too...WOOOHOOOOO!!!!!! I LOVE SCRAPPIN!!!

Monday, September 04, 2006

I just loved this layout i did of Jack in a pair of very old hand me down overalls..And i won with it at the TOP 50 CC!!!!. Thanx top 50!
Something about blue denim that the older it gets the better it looks.
I dont mind my kids in old hand me downs..
Its funny cause when i first had Michael i was given a couple of bags of old clothes and was absolutely horrified that people would think i would need them!!! Not to mention use them.
I went out of my way to buy all new clothes for Mike. Then when Steph came along , the same deal, no hand me downs for this kid!!
Well by the time i had Nick, we lived on a farm miles away from anywhere.. I still had all those bags people had given me not to mention his big brothers old clothes.. And guess what, i found a love of old hand me downs!!! No new clothes for this little bundle, well except a few new must
The clothes in the bags were practically new, and i only kept the clothes from Mike that were in good nick, which was quite a bit..
So by the time Alex came along, hand me downs were the way to go..
So when 12 years later i fell pregnant with Jack, i didnt want to have to go out and buy anything new that i didnt have seat, and a few clothes and pram were it.. I got sooo many bags of hand me downs it was fantastic. Not to mention the people who gave me the clothes were the type who were well off enough to buy so many new clothes for their kids that half the stuff Jack has was only worn once or twice and some still had the tags on!!! So he always looks pretty spiffy in his hand me downs. Even the old hand me down overalls that have gone through numerous children look great on him. So my final say in the hand me down debate..
Theres nothing wrong with hand me downs!!!!!
Just to end on a sad note: My heart goes out to the Irwin family. Now i wasnt a big Steve Irwin fan but.... He did do a lot for Australian tourism, the yanks loved him... He was a funny, risk taking, emotional man. He promoted wildlife conservation anf for that he will be missed..
Also heartfelt condolences for Princess her family who must be siffering as only a family could at the lost of a child..
God bless both families...

Saturday, September 02, 2006

Oh we had the best day today!!!
Firstly my sons breakfast making and Craigs snoring woke me at 6.30am..
Great up nice and early so i can scrap...

Last nights top 50 CC saw me hitting the sack after doing one quick layout...about (of all things!)
So this morning i whipped up a layout using circles, numbers and pattern papers..

Then we decided to take Jack for his first beach outing down to the Gold Coast..Southport Beach..
The weather was fantastic and i got some great shots of Jack ..
He loved it!
This first photo just Jack on the beach...
the second onewas taken of daddy and Jack.. that i converted to black and white..
Third photo is an action shot...oh how i love my camera!!! Just as the wave hit Jack, Craig lifted him this photo!

Well you know what i wanna do now!!!
Scrap these photos..and the other fifty...
So i was thinking maybe a mini book or album??

Well whatever i do i realy need to maybe scrap a few more of the photos i have in my
cheers everyone!

Oh and also to all those people who told me i should submit my "discover dirt" layout to a magazine..i did!!! and guess was accepted for consideration!!!!!
So i guess i shouldnt get excited till i see it in print..
But thanx to those who gave me courage to submit it...