Friday, October 19, 2007

Oh i have been the naughtiest blogger!!
Ive been working back full time and when i get home and clean and feed the troops, ti feel too tired to do much else...
I think this working deal is not all its cut out to be..yes i have more money to spend on scrapping goodies but no time to scrap!!!!
Also we decided to put Jack into day care..well he screamed and carried on so much that they rang us everyday after a few hours to pick him up..
Ive never had to put a child into day care before, it broke my heart to think how upset he was..
Daddy had drop off duty i was to pick up when i finished work.. .told craig not to ring me at work as i didnt want to know how he went till i got home,,, well got home thought id have a coffe then pick Jack up but guess what,,he was home already!!!!! he lasted from 8.30 till 11.30 .. But craig said he sobbed and sobbed when he left as i told craig to make sure he says goodbye to him..craig was heartbroken.. so next day off to work i go and come home and jAck is home.. ok i ask how long today? Craig sheepishly looks art me and says i didnt take him, i couldnt, i couldnt put him through it so i rang and told them he was sick...
"you didnt take him? cause you didnt want to put him through it? ok craig fesses up..craig couldnt go and leave him at daycare as it broke daddys little heart!!! oh my now what am i going to do??? poor daddy
So daddy has decided that he wont be taking Jack as it upsets him too much..
So after four weeks of not so happy day care he has dropped out...yes day care drop
such is life..
ok so now onto scrapping, these i did some weeks ago: before work started..

am loving the 6x12 size..too easy
Not so sure about the whole Love Elsie range, probably because im not a girly scrapper..

Also im trying to do more mutli photo layouts so am enjoying the blog, on multiple sketches, youll find it in my list on the sde, places i love to visit..take a look, very inspiring...
Till next time..