Monday, December 31, 2007

christmas cake, pudding and tinsel:
Wow all over red rover for another year..

  • Well Alex had his alarm set for 5am and he camped in the lounge room, so as not to miss out on any excitement.

  • I was awake a 5.23 am, out of bed and into the lounge.

  • Alex was awake and ready to get things rolling.

  • I always have a coffee and christmas cake for breakfast whilst the unwrapping happens.

  • Alex ran upstairs to get Mike, Steph and Nik awake.

  • Then all of them traipsed into Jacks room where nanny was awake and getting out of bed.

  • But Jack was sound asleep.

  • A tickle and a kiss, still nothing.

  • Alex was not going to be put off, loud talking to Jack and move him around.

  • Jack woke up smiling. Why is everyone in my room?

  • Everyone piles into their spots in the lounge with Craig as the present giver. He says he hates christmas but he loves being the center of attention, the santa, the giver of gifts.

  • An hour or so later and its total choas in the room. Piles of paper and ribbon.

  • Where is Jack, hopefully not lost under all the paper.

  • Perhaps he is playing with his ride on shrek car, or his large dump truck or his blocks or any number of toys santa left.

  • But no we hear a gigle and a rustle of paper and in the kitchen on the floor is a happy little boy playing games. With an empty box and some cellophane..

  • Hmm would have saved santa a heap of money if he had put emptyboxes and paper on his christmas list.

  • Well lunch was prawn cocktails, ham, turkey, roast pork and all the trimmings.

  • with pudding, custard and trifle for dessert.

  • Craig curled up on the bed asleep with his chopper book in hand.

  • Alex upstairs playing his electric guitar.

  • Steph at boyfriends.

  • Mike asleep on the lounge with a silly cracker hat atop his head.

  • Nanny having a nap in with Jack asleep in his bed.

  • And me, well some little elf has to clean the dishes and put away the food. pack the crockery sweep the floor and find a place for all the paper.

  • and as i sit quietly smelling gorgeous from my new purfume, wearing a new shirt and slippers, i gaze at my hand and smile as i remeber this morning as my darling partner of many years proposed to me. In the quiet between the waking and the kids coming down, on bended knee he asked me to marry him.

  • i said yes.

  • so i sat back and pondered the makings of a wedding in the new year,

  • happy new year everyone..

Thursday, December 27, 2007

yes santa has been and flown home for another year..
merry christmas everyone!

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Hi all!!!
Its beginning to feel a lot like christmas...
Well havnt i been the worse blogger out!
Ive been working full time and just have had no energy or creativity in me..
And with christmas fast approaching i cant believe how fast this year has gone.

We did do our yearly secret santa..well its not so secret at our this year my eldest son , who got his nanny to give a gift to, puts a bit more thought into his present than last year.. Last year he had Jack, who was all of 18 months old.. He bought him a Micheal Jackson CD. Ok he did this because he is Michael and Jack is jackson. Yes it took thought but Jack wont be using this CD for many years yet..Karma though has come round and Jack has Michael as his gift receiver this year. He got Michael a CD this year but more of Mikes music.

This years gift list goes like this
Craig(daddy) - chopper books to read,
Me - perfume
Mike - pool cue
Steph - camera
Nik - watch
Alex - electric guitar
Jack - anything that is loud and
so we will see just who has been naughty and who has been nice.....

Ive also taken some pre xmas shots which I will share..

These two layouts were done fro EMM as the guest designer..What a wonderful pack of goodies i got from Rondell..

These next layouts have been done for different CCs..and online comps

Not sure if ive shared these out of Stephs album. But here they are anyways...

ok, im off to do a photo shoot with the kids, so hopefully some more chrissy pics to scrap..
Oh i love christmas.

Friday, November 02, 2007

I finally have some DT work to share with you!!
From over at chookscraps. This is the chookscraps pack for september/october..
Gorgeous papers and embellishments..head on over to the hen house and check out the packs and what the rest of the lovely design team are up too.
We also have two new designers..Jan and Jode..welcome chooks...
so from my pack i made up two layouts..

Now i have a few other layouts that ive managed to do in between working..

So ill quickly share those as well..

Jacks first day of daycare, and practically his last.. He cried non stop for two hours till we had to pick him up and after three weeks of this we decided to take him out as his whole routine was upset and he was getting distraught..Hmmm so much for the day care
These are old photos that were in a sleeve in his album that i finally scrapped..
I loved the red in this one...

Yes still scrapping last xmas photos..though down to the final three now i think...Ready to start all over again this year!

This was fathers day this year..We went for a bush walk and spent some time at our local park..was a nice way to end the day..

Ok thats all for now..

cheers and cath you all later..

Friday, October 19, 2007

Oh i have been the naughtiest blogger!!
Ive been working back full time and when i get home and clean and feed the troops, ti feel too tired to do much else...
I think this working deal is not all its cut out to be..yes i have more money to spend on scrapping goodies but no time to scrap!!!!
Also we decided to put Jack into day care..well he screamed and carried on so much that they rang us everyday after a few hours to pick him up..
Ive never had to put a child into day care before, it broke my heart to think how upset he was..
Daddy had drop off duty i was to pick up when i finished work.. .told craig not to ring me at work as i didnt want to know how he went till i got home,,, well got home thought id have a coffe then pick Jack up but guess what,,he was home already!!!!! he lasted from 8.30 till 11.30 .. But craig said he sobbed and sobbed when he left as i told craig to make sure he says goodbye to him..craig was heartbroken.. so next day off to work i go and come home and jAck is home.. ok i ask how long today? Craig sheepishly looks art me and says i didnt take him, i couldnt, i couldnt put him through it so i rang and told them he was sick...
"you didnt take him? cause you didnt want to put him through it? ok craig fesses up..craig couldnt go and leave him at daycare as it broke daddys little heart!!! oh my now what am i going to do??? poor daddy
So daddy has decided that he wont be taking Jack as it upsets him too much..
So after four weeks of not so happy day care he has dropped out...yes day care drop
such is life..
ok so now onto scrapping, these i did some weeks ago: before work started..

am loving the 6x12 size..too easy
Not so sure about the whole Love Elsie range, probably because im not a girly scrapper..

Also im trying to do more mutli photo layouts so am enjoying the blog, on multiple sketches, youll find it in my list on the sde, places i love to visit..take a look, very inspiring...
Till next time..

Friday, September 28, 2007

Well its been awhile since ive been and blogged, guess thats what happens when you work and are totally

But in this entry i just wanted to post some work i have done and not been able to show.
Ive been in an idol competition at embellished, see link in side bar...

So now its over and i can share.. I got down to the final five, which from seventy entrants or so was pretty awesome i thought..
Congrats to Lali who won..well done and also to one of my most fav scrappers around Binxcat!!! love your work girl...
So here are my entries over the past seven weeks..

If you got nothing on this weekend pop over to chookscraps im hosting a come on ova!
Ok thats it for this weekend..

catch yas later..

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Well its another week ..gee bring on kidding...
ive done some scrapping and filed it away so i will have a big layout share...

But before i do put up any layout im happy to say i finally got back my layout i did for the scrapbook creations colour competition. Where i was a here it is..As you can see i chose the colour combination of black and lime green..

These other layouts were for CCs and other competitions..


Thanx for looking ..cheers all...