Sunday, October 22, 2006

Oh my goodness!! I have been such a bad blogger havnt I...So lets catch up..Mmmmm where to start,,
First off chookscraps completed round one of the survivor competition.
Congratulations all those ladies who made it through.. it was stiff competition thats for sure! So now we are into round two, challenge two. A monochromatic layout.. Have fun ladies..
Woohoooo i won the overall weekend cyber crop at Embellished a few weeks ago. And also the layout of my girlfriend Kym and Jack won the challenge it was in. That was exciting..Have already spent my money and received my lovely box of goodies, Thanx Ali!!! Now Idol is into its fourth round and i dont think ill make it through as the competition is fantastic!!!!! But ive had fun and will still look at doing the challenges for myself..So pop over and have a look, you will see sooooo much talent its amazing!
Well have been working a bit lately so have been a bit tired. After 18 years of being a stay at home mum and then doing full time its tiring. But i have sooo loved the schools ive been getting. For those who dont know i finished uni last year, last exam three days after Jack was born, and got my teaching degree. So have been working relief work and loving most of it. Its an eyeopener working in some schools!!! This last week though i worked at Goodna special school and i LOVED LOVED LOVED it!!!! Give me those kids any day.It really makes you very humble and thankful for your perfect children..
Now i have a few layouts to share if blogger will let

This layout was in a challenge and didint do so good but i really like the colours in it.

This second layout of Alex last xmas. yes im trying to use up last christmases photos, that i havnt scrapped yet: before this xmas and the whole photo thing happens again. Used a lot of bling with this one. Its a competition over at Scrapworld. Am in the next round for that one, so heres hoping i can get through this round..

Okay that should do it for now. Thanx to everyone who leaves comments, Please do i love reading them!

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Hi all, well i have been busy scrapping this week, so have some to share..
But before then im so stoked that i made it through to the next round of Embellished Idol.. I really didnt think i would as the last challenge i went out on a limb and did a layout that wasnt in my comfort zone at all and i wasnt happy with and it i made it through and am able to redeem myself with this LAYOUT..
This weeks chellenge being minimalistic..I love this layout and hope it does well..
But im sure happy i made it this far!
So this past weekend i also attended Embellished CC, always lots of fun and really pushes me to scrap which i love! Lots of good challenges, voting starts today so follow my link and go have a look.Voting is in the forum.

this was a sketch, love these pics of Jack with his godmother..

This was for a primary colours challenge. I love how this one turned out!!

This challenge was to scrap your idol. Well i decided to scrap DPs idol.Yes a footy player, brad fittler.

Well thats it for today
cheers to all!

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Our trip to Coffs Harbour

Well im back and i needed to recuperate after my
I have learnt many things on this holiday journey..
1. Jackson does not sleep in the car for longer than 20/30 minutes..
2. Jackson does not like sitting in the carseat for any amount of time after his nap.
3. Jack has a very loud screech when he doesnt get what he wants, ie getting out of car seat.
4. Jack does not like sleeping anywhere but in his own home/room.
5. Craig becomes a bear when Jack whinges at night for longer than 10 minutes.
6. I can stay awake rocking a baby all night if need be.
7. Byron Bay has gone from the once sleepy village that i loved into a yuppie tourist fest.
8. I will not pay more than 6 dollars for a coffee. ie Byron Bay and the street cafes.
9. Even though this holiday was a surprise for me i still ended up buying lunch and dinner most pays to keep silent about how much money you have brought to
10. More than 15 minutes at the beach is long enough for a 15 month old who eats the sand and rubs his eyes with the
11. My MIL was not the banshee from hell, but a lovely old mum who adored her new grandson, only grandson, from her only child.
12.I will not be driving anywhere longer than 40 minutes again this
Oh and last but not least.
13 doesnt matter how much sunscreen, long sleeves, hats, sunglasses, long pants and shady trees there are on a beach. In 30 minutes i will BURN!!!!!

ok enough whinging, here are some photos from our wonderful surprise getaway..

First up, Jack at Coffs Harbour. My little beach Bum.

Yes he did sleep, sometimes, and not for

Ok so now to get busy with some serious scrapping, cause i have heaps of photos. How unusual you all

cheers and catch you later