Monday, January 14, 2008

Its raining again!
I love the rain sooo much..Its giving our poor dams which were down to 17% last year, giving them a wonderful top up..hopefully if it can contnue we will have lesser water restrictions. My garden is looking amazing. All the plants i thought had died are springing back to life..The only one complaining is Craig. This weather means cutting the grass once a week. But what once was a desert dustbowl front and back yard is now a rainforest..And i know why its raining too, See i got my electricity bill in december and nearly fainted.. Worked out it was because i was working and lazy and using the clothes dryer everyday..The clothes line was a forgotten relic of my past.. Lost in the backyard with no path leading to it anymore. A forgotten symbol of simpler times.. But..armed with my electricity bill i ventured out to find the long lost companion of many towelling nappies, countless school uniforms and basketfulls of underwear and childrens garments. And guess what? I found it. Nestled behind the house. A sorry sight with the lines sagging and the metal rusing. Cobwebs strewn all over..Not a peg to be seen!!! Oh old friend i have returned. I fixed the lines and scrapped off the rust, and hosed the cobwebs away. A trip to the shop and two packs of pegs later i was happily hanging out the washing.. The sun shone down and all was well.. Until the rains its farewell new friend and back to the dryer ..till this rain stops..
I have some sharing to do ...
Went to a crop yesterday at Jodys house. She has decided to open a shop herself from home, so good luck Jody..Had a great time yesterday, cant wait to go back..
Now dont forget this weekend at chookscraps we are having our cyber crop..
So pop on over and join in .
We have also strted a new competition, which im running. We had it last year called Chookscraps survivor island.. So much fun. This year its double the prizes, double the island and double the amount of challenges.. So come on and sign up. It starts friday the 25th of this month..

Now have done some DT work for chookscraps using their monthly pack..gorgeous papers. The pack is used in conjunction with the monthly scrap pack challenge. Another thing to look at whilst your over at chooks.

And here are some ive done over the past two weeks..

Well thats all for now..time to put another load of washing in the dryer..Whats that, i hear the whisperings of a desperate little voice coming from outside..its saying....."dont forget me..donet forget me..." and my silly mind..


Saturday, January 05, 2008

Well the holidays are flying by and i dont seem to have scrapped as much as id like to.
The weather here is just perfect for scrapping, rain , rain, and more rain...yay!
Funny thing is we got Jack a large sand pit for xmas and he hasnt had more than 1 hour of use since xmas morn..I went to change the cover as it was full of water and when i lifted it off it was like the tide had come in on a sand was covered in gorgeous clear rain water..I said to the boys, can you get some buckets and empty the water out of Jacks sand pit..Oh and pour the water over the garden...Doh!!! silly me as i look around: our back yard is half flooded and the garden and mulch have floated away sometime in the last two weeks. So as i chuckle to myself and my boys give me the, "what is she talking about- look"..i am still in water restriction mode and using my water

So now for some scrapping:
I found a new web site ive been visiting called Mystical scrapbooks
So these are a few layouts ive done for it.....

Yes using all my christmas photos..
This was for the 123 challenge December:

Now chookscraps are having a cyber crop next weekend. I cant show you the layouts for the challenges just yet but i can give you a few sneak peaks.. well thats all for now..But before i go id just like to say thanks for all the gorgeous messages concerning mine and Craigs engagement..You have all been so gracious and loving..
Now to set a date!

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Well i wanted to take a photo of my engagement ring, but am unable to have it on my finger yet as it needs to be resized so here it is in the box.
As ive been married before i didnt want the traditional diamond solitaire so when we have looked at jewellery i like blue stones and a ring that wont get caught on anything in my busy schedual as a mum.. So i think Craig did a wonderful JOB AT CHOOSING THIS BEAUTIFUL RING.. And it is just a bit too small due to the fact that i ate way too much chrissy pudding and cakes..well thats my story and im sticking to