Thursday, August 31, 2006

This is sooo not me....PINK!! But ive wanted to do a pink and black layout for soo long and over at embellished this months challenge was for pink and bling!
Also i got the most amazing SEI pack from CHOOKSCRAPS.. I cant wait to use it.and that wont be hard because....
I took some photos of Jack...yes i can hear you all now....more photos of Jck..but he is the only one in the family who doesnt groan loudly when i bring out the
So im off to sort photos for my new paper..

Monday, August 28, 2006

Oh the weather here is glorious today..At long last some rain!!!! We still have level three water restrictions, meaning no hand held hosing anywhere..Wish it would rain lots to fill our dams but it never seems torain near the dams,,grrrr
Well this weekend i also went over to THE SCRAPPERS STASH CC and only had time to do a take of the sketch. Seek..
I seem to be enjoying sketches a lot more than i first did. At first i thought they were too constricting for me but ive learnt not to take it at face value but to add my own quirkiness to the layouts outcome. So now i love sketches. Am very happy with the way this one turned out. Yes more photos of Jack in the garden
So does any one else have this problem. I take my camera out to photograph Jack and end up with 50 good shots in one sitting. I load them on the computer and edit and find i have soooo many that i want to process and then i end up with enough photos to do three or five pages just can never widdle it doen to three or four photos. I love em all!!
What a dillemma. needless to say i have many pages of the one type of
*** Today im off toscrap with friends. I hope to get something done.
So cheers and catch yas later....
PS...the news letter is out over at CHOOKSCRAPS (link on sidebar)..need to check it out!

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Oh I had a wonderful time on the weekend when i got to go to my first crop with the girls from
I got to meet Kathy at long last who im on the design time for CHOOKSCRAPS with. Most lovely lady and fell in love with her layout about boys she was working on...
I got to meet Jibbiibear also whose work is amazing too, and Milly and of course Rondell, (owner of EMM), who is just beautiful..
This layout is for the CC at EMM, challenge three using a song or words to inspire you.
The song i chose was Alicia Keys, "If I aint got you".

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Couldnt wait to do this sketch from over at EMBELLISHED:
I must admit though i did scrap liFt a few design elements from the gorgeous layout JOLENE (link on side bar, fantastic work on her blog) did of her daughter.
So thanx Jolene for the inspiration..
Im off to check out CHOOKSCRAPS..Lorraine has some great new stock in...need to shop!!
cheers Fran

Monday, August 21, 2006

Well i didnt get a lot of scrapping done on the i managed five layouts so ill just have to be happy with that..
This layout is an oh so simple one for me...who loves to stack my page with heaps of embellishments..
It was an AED paper challenge over at ZIGZAG..
Alex with his little brohter Jackson on his shoulders..Jackson was giving Alex this is a special photo to add to Alexs album.

On a more controversial issue: Taking photos of our children.Its become very political and often i think twice about the photos i take of my kids. example:
When i had my first baby Michael, way back in 1987, i took every oppurtunity to take a photo. Now my photo graphic skills werent what they are today, and technology was only for the camera shops. You know you take a roll of 24 exposures and hope that they come pout allright. You ended up with photos of scenery with two dark litle spots you called your
Well i took some pretty graphic naked shots of my boy growing often got around
Now in this day and age you as a parent cant even go to the local sporting game and take photos of your child in his team playing unless you have permission. And forget about video cameras.. What a crying shame it has all beome for parents who just want their kids photos.
I look back on my babies nakey photos and sometimes i feel ashamed, but why should i?? I now take more discreet naked shots of Jack, but why do i feel i have to??? Im his mum, im not a pervert. And perverts will find many ways to get photos of children if thats what they want.
I look sadly at the case of Jon Bennet Ramsey. She was a little girl made to look way older that her five/ six years. Now sadly i could see how some sexual deviate would find that appealing. I thought she was gorgeous, but i also know that perhaps that was taking it all way to far. The photos of her were fabulous, but not of an innocent sweet baby girl, but made up to look sometimes like a much older temptress. If the man that has admitted to her murder is the true person, a teacher!!! A married man!!!!!, A normal looking person in our society????? What good is it to not let parents take the photos they want when there are people out in the world who have oppurtunities in other ways to get photos.
So ill just keep snapping away at my children until i get that tap on the shoulder asking me to put away my camera...Hmmm i wonder where this world is headed sometimes..
So after all that if your still with me..
cheers and thanx to those people who visit my blog and leave messages..

Saturday, August 19, 2006

Well this weekend was jam packed with CCs.First off at my favourite sight CHOOKSCRAPS!!!! The monthly cyber crop is on with somefantastic prizes up for grabs and great challenges to get you going..
Also over at ZIGZAG thier first cyber crop took place. Fantastic idea of mixing the challenges with recipes..
So i have only managred two layouts this weekend.. Am hoping to finish a couple more.
First the teddy bear layout was a challenge with three photos: ive had these pics for months as you can tell Jack is
The orange one was a monochromatic layout..Love orange at the moment!
Rightio then off to do another layout, or maybe just surf the net and check out some

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

blogger decided that today i can upload my layout..Here she is the teenager from hell..But she is just so gorgeous and sweet the pain of
cheers all.
Teenage daughters: who really wants
Stephanie is 17 years old and i do nothing but worry about her. Today we had an arguement. I feel guilty, i always do when i argue with my children. Its the same arguement everyweek. All i ask from my daughter is a phone call if she wont be home when she says she will. She is dating a boy who we all know has done drugs. One strike against him. He is two years younger than Stephanie. Two strikes against him. His mum doesnt care what he does and lets him do what he pleases. Three strikes your out. But i have supported my daughter as best i can hoping she will finish this affair and move on .. So back to the arguement. She asked if her and her boyfriend could come home on Sunday for dinner and if he could stay till tuesday as it was his birthday and his mum wasnt going to be home. I said ok, ill make a special dinner, i brought him a small gift and asked my sons to try and be civil to him. She said she was going to a party Friday night and would be home sunday. I said i would ring her saturday to check she was ok. So i tried to ring, no answer. Craig said she will be home tommorow its ok. Sunday night no daughter, not answering phone. Monday no daughter not answering phone. Monday night she finally answers phone and i just got so angry as she was oh. sorry mum...grrrrr.. So she was home this morning and i told her that i was sick of her staying out all weekend and not ringing, and if it was so great at her boyfriends she could pack her bags and leave. She told me her boyfriends mum is so much better as they have no rules there.. So i said it was her choice, she has a family, and everything she wants here all i ask is that she ring me so i dont worry. Nope she decided she doesnt want to live here.. She wants to live with the boyfriend and his mum.. So now i feel guilty about going off at her.. I worry as the home life there is not what i want for her. She is quitting year 12 to work in a factory with his mum..Im so angry with his mum as she should have been on my side and told stephanie to ring, not tell stephanie that she could live with them..grrrrrrr....
Sorry for the long story..but like most things there is a lot more to it.. as a mum i dont think he is good enough for her, i think he still does drugs, trying to find out, and i do worry about her. grrrr..sometimes being a mum can be so damn hard!!!!!!!!
Well i did this layout of her yesterday with photos taken last week. Yopu just never know when things are going to go from happy family to fallen apart and hurting family..
oh well such is life..hopefully she will come home this week and see how silly she has been?
ok so blogger wont let me upload it,,,cant blame maybe tommorrow..

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Monday once again, and is the house quiet?? No its Ekka show day!!! And for those of yu not from Queensland, the EKKA is our show day, like the sydney easter show or the Melbourne Moomba festival..We have EKKA. nOW I TOOK THE KIDS THERE TWO YEARS AGO WHEN I WAS JUST PREGNANT WITH jACK, UNBEKNOWNS TO ME, LOL. Well you have to save your pennies to go dont you, or be rich, which im not..65.00 to get in, then food, say 50.00, then rides,(most rides 6-10 dollars) say 100.00that gives us all two rides each..then show bags. 100.00 then allow at least 100/00 dollars for miscellanious things like travel and side show ally and stupid purchases like big and a very important purchase, the firemans calender,,,mmmm drool!!!! Lots of money hey for one day..But i do think every child should enjoy the show at least once in their lifetime..Take in the smells the sights. Luckily i was pregnant with Jack last time, That takes care of him, he just got in then didnt
So as for scrapping this weekend, i managed three layouts over at embellished scrapbooking. Also completed one layout for the chookscraps DT.
This layout of my dad i found hard to do as the colours in the photo were hideous, i should have done it in b/w. But not like i can get another photo as he died the next christmas after that photo. He always loved to wear those gaudy cheap paper hats out of the bon bons and required everyone sitting at the dinner table to wear one also.. We all would take ours off after dinner, but not dad. He was happy to sit with it all day. King of his castle surveying his children and grandchildren. I laughed that christmas when i saw dad with a glass full of wine. He was told with his diabetes he was not allowed to drink alcohol. Now my dad was an alcoholic we all knew it so the doctor had told him only one small glass of wine at christmas, dad was dying of cancer so it was a small thing for him.So when i saw my dad this christams with another full glass of wine i said , "dad your only allowed one glass of wine all day,:
His reply was "This is the same wine glass i had my first wine with and the same wine glass i have had all day."
cheeky man!! i laughed.. Im glad he had that same glass full of wine all day, it turned out to be his last christmas..and he was oh so happy that day.

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Well i cant believe its friday already!!!
Have the embellished CC on this weekend..
Nothing like a good cyber crop to get the creative juices flowing.
Speaking of which, i completed this layout last night for the Memories and more weekend CC.
It had to have strips of pp, one photo and the word colour in the title.
Now i couldnt wait to do it as i just loved this pic of Jack i took this week.
Funny thing was when i took it to get developed i asked for it in 5x7 size and they stuffed up and it came out square??? wrong orientation on the
i got it for nothing though and was really quite happy with it,, though did get it in the correct size as well..
So i really like this page as i painted a bit as well.
I thnk my mojo has returned!!!!!! At least for a little while.
So i will quickly do my DT pack which arrived on thursday from CHOOKSCRAPS
Packed with so many goodies and all gorgeous!!!!!
Oh my two school boys are sick today so no school for them so i dont have to get dressed for a while yet so im off to check out blogs!!
cheers everyone!

Monday, August 07, 2006

Ok well i started off with good intentions for scrapping the weekend away,,but i think my mojo had other
I did manage to do a couple of layouts: this one i especially like of Jack laughing, which is for my EDM comp..album..
didnt like the irons on much: as i hate ironing...but a scrappers got to do what a scrappers got to if it means wiping off the cobwebs from the iron that was hidden way back in the linen closet,,cause i knew we had one somewhere: cause i know my mum, when she lived here brought us a whiz bang one..
Now i didnt care to much for an iron, couldnt get excited about the steam, or the easy to fill hole or the little machine it sits on,,wasnt excited like my mum was..oh yes now she could iron her pyjamas and night gowns with ease, put exact creases in those cotton sheets and lo and behold,,,,the piece da resistance: she could get into all those little fiddly bits on her undies...!!! yes her underwear,,that she irons..oh my lordy,,, dont touch my underwear mum!! and i ask her why she irons sheets and her underwear..of all things..and her answer is????
So they fit in and look neat in her drawer??? What the!!!!! who is going to look in your underwear drawer mum?? Oh yeh i forgot..when the drug squad come to our house looking for the drugs they are going to open your undies drawer and go neat and tidy?????lol
MMMMMM my mother has some serious
oh well...
the iron was used for the iron ons and i only have to do one more and ill be finished this months EDM..

Friday, August 04, 2006

Its Saturday morning!! Yay!! I can scrap without interuption for couple of hoping to get some challenges done from over at LCs..
I must say a big thankyou for the comments regarding Mt Isa. Well yes i think maybe i could be insane, though im sure a lot of sane people do live in Mt yes the moment has passed, im not a heat lover at all, but im prepared to go anywhere if only for a short time..Oh and the big decider was, no decent scrapping shops!!!!! Hows a girl to live???!!!!!!
This layout i did for Chookscraps DT a while back. It was a simple less than 20 minutes scrap using tag paper and i love how it turned out.
Well must go and get some scrapping done. cheers!!!

Thursday, August 03, 2006

I just wanted to share this layout i did for chookscraps DT..
I sooo love Urban Lily!!
Also looking forward to this weekends cyber crop at Top fifty!!! Always love their challenges..
Mmmmm also today i began to get itchy feet.. Thinking i would love to move somewhere.. Seeing as im a teacher finding work isnt a problem, and Craig is a contract cleaner, so he should find work too. So i was thinking Mt Isa.. Am i insane or what???
Can anyone tell me anything about Mt Isa??
Just interested. Perhaps i should have been a gypsy, and then i could just hitch my caravan to my pony and off we could
Well i better go and sort the kids.. Lost is on soon!

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Well it seems i have been kindly informed ( thankyou, that i forgot to put up information on the most important purchase of the week.. My scrapping stuff..
So here it is!
Now i have some Wild asparagus papers in there: Basic Grey of course!: Lil Davies alphas and flower, beautiful.. And yes you might notice that i have a lot of pink in there too.. Well that is because i have a layout swap to do that is a baby girlie one!!!! Yay for i had to purchase some pink
Now i had two hundred dollars to spend but so far have only managed to spend about 150.00 But i still have a shop to visit tommorrow,,,lol.
so im sure ill get it all

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Well i havnt realised how quick the week has been going..Ive been busy shopping with my tax check!! Yay, i got a dryer,(new baby needed new dryer, prolly wont rain, tuckerbox freezer, slow cooker, kettle, toaster(huge 4 slice for using crumpets and muffins), DVD player,(we need one in our room as the X box has taken over the lounge room) electric frypan(as last one went swimming in dish washing water, )500 dollars on clothes for the boys(its just amazing how little you can actually buy with that money, worked out to three out fits each, shorts and t shirts)and a microwave. All the other appliances still work so have gone into storage for first teenager to leave home...
Now the important stuff. SCRAPPING STUFF AND MORE SCRAPPIN STUFF!!!!!!
And now i will also need a new sewing machine as mine has finally died...well what better thing to buy with my last couple of hundred..
The layout of Jack is a simple one i did for a challenge using a story book title..
Hence Jack and the bean stalk.
Well need to go and look at my scrapping stuff and maybe play with it..