Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Chris Millar sketch challenge at oz sketches.

Hot potato hot potato!!!, cold spaghetti, big red car? coloured skivvies and lots of other obscure visual imagery. Ring a bell? Well it seems i missed out with my kids on the wiggles..My kids watched Humphrey, big dog, fat cat and play school. But on the weekend we were given a wiggles CD. This was my down fall.
Craig was up on this new lingo and music. Jack seeemed to enjoy it. And the music was so contaigious i was singing hot potato all day. So far so good, till i was shopping and that darn song was going around and around in my head. So much so i didnt realise i was singing it. Till as i reached for the milk i was applauded by an older man for my musical interlude. But did that put an end to the song in my head noooooooooo. It was now there to torment me. To send me insane even. Every time i opened my mouth the words came out. Every moment of peace was ruined with the uine in my head!!!!!! Will it never cease???
Oh so that is how the wiggles got so big.
Brain washing!!!!
Yes brain wash the parents, the children the world!!!!!
So with this song still in my head i will upload my weeks worth of layouts..

This week i joined in the cyber crop over at EMM.
I manged to complete two of the three challenges.
The first a baby layout.

The second was an orange challenge.
I also completed my last layout for the month on the Emmies at EMM.

It was to do a layout of something comforting.

And some layouts for 123 cybercrop,

And lastly my entry for Scrap therapys Make believe masters...A double layout..
Well thats all for now. I can hear my load of washing calling my name..
So till next time..
Hot potato hot potato!!!!!

Monday, May 21, 2007

Well cant believe how fast the weeks are going...Nearly tax time..again...Jacks 2nd birthday next month..Ummming and arghinng over wether to have a party or just a morning tea, with a few little friends..

And he is still not talking. Everyone says dont worry, but i do.He is having some hearing tests soon to see if it could be his hearing. He also needs to go in for day surgery for his testes and we have also decided that his hypophasia can wait to be treated till he is older..Oh all this and not two yet..lol..

Anyways been doing some layouts...

These first ones are for the EMM site and the emmies challenge.

The emm scrap pack

The emm monthly guest designer challenge

The sketch challenge

Next couple of layouts were for weekend cyber crops at chookscraps and at LSBS.

Made the criteria fit for both..

This next layout was for Scrap therapy masters.

And this layout is for 1,2,3 monthly challenge..
Well thats all, hope everyone is fine, and did i mention its raining here..oh wow big news, and its cool..oh joy i love winter!!!!!!


Monday, May 07, 2007

Oh the long weekend here in Brisbane, QLD....

Yay, another day off for my kids, grrrrr..
I remember when i was 18 and working in Coles in the city of Sydney. Ladies would come in complaining about how long the holidays were.
I used to think, how awful they were, didnt they love their children?..how could they say things like that. I would never say that.
Well 20 years later and i was constantly complaining about how long the holidays were. The kids get bored, eat me out of house and home, cost me a fortune on DVDs and takeaway...lol..
Then i became a teacher......
What a dilhema, i love school holidays and they are never long enough when your working...

But i hate school holidays as my children even though they are older start to argue and fight and still eat me out of house and home. By the end of the holidays, im begging for school to start, but not looking forward to working...lol..with more kids...lmao...
This time of year, we seem to have so many days off. Its not too bad though as i got to do some major scrapping on the weekend. My mojo has returned.

And as it was international scrapbook day on Saturday, i really got into it.Warned the family if they broke any bones, cut off any limbs or needed major surgery we did pay ambulance, and here is 40 cents to call when you are better...lol..

Well nothing happened except my scrapping.
So with seven kids in the house, i did manage to scrap my heart out.
So here is my layout share...
Ive been joining in a cyber crop over at Scrapworld and here are the layouts for the challenges..

The next few are from the top 50 cyber crop.I also incorporated the challenge of my mum with a challenge over at chookscraps for their mini cyber crop..

This final layout was for a challenge at Embellished. It was based on a sketch and had to have a feminine touch. ell i thought the photos of Jack strutting his stuff in my pink hat were feminine enough. Craig hated the photos but hey i think they are great

Well thats it for now, im actually having a look at the new site for sketches SKETCHES OZ, looks way cool so go and check it out. They have a new sketch by Kim Archer..till next time